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US High School Diploma Certificate in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK)

 GES College (  offers US / UK Accredited High School Diploma. The GES High School program allows students from grade 5 to grade 12 to follow a structured school program and is ideal for :

# Homeschoolers

#Regular school students who cannot afford high school fees

# Students whose parents have a job that involves frequent location changes

# Students who want to pursue their talents while studying (sportspersons, musicians..etc)

GES High School Diploma also has customized programs for 

#Adults who do not have formal schooling and want to apply for college

# Suitable for Special Needs students (GES offers customized content)

# Academically Challenged Students 

The GES High School program is well recognized and is equivalent to other High School qualifications such as A Levels, IB Diploma, CBSE.. etc 

GES High school diploma is

# Fully Accredited by COGNIA (AdvanceD), USA

# Attested by US State Department and Embassies as well as Foreign Affairs

# Equivalent to UK Naric

There are many advantages of enrolling for GES High School Diploma when compared to others:

# Low Tuition Fees (15 to 20% of other equivalent High School Programs)


# High Pass percentage (95% of the students enrolled successfully complete GES High School Diploma)

# Remote Study (Online / Distance learning options) along with optional classroom sessions

# Online Teacher support throughout the program

# EASY TO PASS ONLINE EXAMS (Final internal exam conducted by local mentor / study center)

# Variety of Subjects covering Math, Science, Social Sciences, Business, Economics, technical and vocational subjects. Students can choose their subject choices as per their requirements.

GES College offers a Two in One Qualification route + Optional A level for High School students:

GES US High School Diploma + UK Level 3 Qualification  + Optional A level exam preparation. Students who enroll for the GES High School Diploma study 7 subjects. They study 6 subjects as a part of the US Education Department requirements plus one subject of Business that is UK Level 3 Qualification. Hence, they get the advantage of getting both US and UK High School equivalent qualifications simultaneously. UK Level 3 is well recognized equivalent to A Levels. Level 3 serves as entry to University for Business  / IT  / Hospitality courses in many UK Universities. 

GES College provides excellent Online Tutor support for all its programs including High School, Level 3, A levels as well as University Students who transfer credits from GES College to UK Universities for BBA / MBA.

Monday, 19 March 2018

IGCSE Home school Dubai

Homeschooling for IGCSE students in Dubai

Schooling in Dubai has become very expensive. Cost of tuition have risen exponentially in the last 5 years. Quality of teaching in the schools is way below the expected standards. As a result, vast majority of the students have to spend thousands of dirhams on private tutors who are illegal and unlicensed. 

Dubai has few licensed tutoring centers that can offer home school students with appropriate tutoring for IGCSE examinations. 

The parents are not aware of how to choose a licensed tutoring center. The easiest way to choose a tutoring center is to ask the academy / institute if they have "SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION SERVICES" license.

KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai) regulates and licenses centers that offer Tutoring services. To be able to offer tutoring, a center must have qualified teachers who are licensed. The institute must be in operation for at least 5 to 10 years. The faculty must have relevant experience in terms of curriculum development, examination techniques, own study resources etc.

Majority of so called Learning Centers / training centers  DO NOT have the license to offer tutoring services. 

IGCSE courses can be completed privately through a licensed tutoring center. The students can appear for the IGCSE exams through the British council. The minimum requirement is to choose at least 5 to 6 subjects. 

For more details, you may call 050 90 21 727 or visit 

We offer the most comprehensive IGCSE homeschool tutoring for Dubai students! Gore's Tutoring has excellent homeschool tutoring resources that include books, past papers, worksheets, learning-revision videos, mock exams, highly qualified tutors...

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Home Schooling for High School Kids in Dubai: A challenge

When thinking about the putting your children through home schooling in dubai versus a private school, you really should make sure that you understand all of the criteria involved in at home education.There is a special set of rules that a parent, guardian, or tutor must abide by when home schooling children, so if you decide that home schooling is the best option for your children, you need to do a little research in finding out what criteria you and your child must meet.

Links to Private Schooling / Home schooling options in Dubai:

 Dubai Tuitions

Gore's Tutoring Center Dubai Knowledge Village

There are actually a number of reasons as to why parents opt to home school their children in Dubai who are in the high school. They include

    Poor learning environment at the school.
    Private school did not challenge the child.
    Cost factors: High fees for worthless education.
    Child has a disability or is special needs.
    Transportation & Timing issues.   
    The child could not get into the desired private school.
    The parents career.

When it comes to making the decision to home schooling your children, you really need to weigh both the pros and the cons.The best way to homeschool your child who's in the high school is to enroll him in a tutoring center in Dubai that offers customized and small group tutoring sessions.You can then be at peace with his /her academic part. This in turn gives you ample scope to design extra curricular activities for your children. All this at a fraction of a cost that you would be paying as SCHOOL FEES in Dubai!!

Advantages to Home /Private Schooling in Dubai

    Personalized Schedule. Many parents feel that their kids work better at different times of the day than what a private school in dubai allows for.So, home schooling allows parents and children to work out a schedule that will best work for the child. Some children work best and learn best in the morning, noon, or evening, so being able to set the learning schedule up in a way that allows the child o succeed is definitely an advantage.
 Varied Learning Subjects. In dubai private schools there is a set curriculum that each subject must abide by, so by home schooling you are able  to control which areas of the different subjects you want to put more emphasis on. This, also, allows you to add courses into the home school curriculum  that a normal, say, third grader would not get in organized classes.

Flexibility in Time. You can set your child's learning curriculum around vacations, illnesses, and other surprise events. Where in a private school, children tend to be allotted so many days they can miss without both the child and the parents getting into trouble.

Flexibility in Curriculum. There is, also a certain flexibility around what is taught, not just when. If you go to a public event or on home school  field trip, your children may have questions about the topic at hand. Home schooling allows for a break in the normal curriculum so that you can further discuss and do activities towards the questions in a more in- depth manner.

Knowing Your Kids. This is the biggest advantage of home schooling. You are able to enjoy your children and watch them grow and learn on a daily basis. Home schooling allows you to really get to know your kids on a whole different level than packing them on the bus for school in the mornings.

Links to Private Schooling  in Dubai:
                                               :: Dubai Knowledge Village (Park)

Disadvantages to Home /Private Schooling in Dubai
    Not Enough Time. Because home schooling your kids is really a full time job, you just may not have enough time in the day to do what you need to get done. You have to full research topics and prepare lessons, set up projects and field trips. You will have to spend time keeping yourself organized, and
on top of all that, you have to teach.

    No Time for Work. Because home schooling takes up a lot of time in preparation and delivery, you may run out of time for house hold duties and chores.

    Personal Space. When home schooling your kids, you will have to give a lot of yourself away. You will pretty much loose your personal, quiet time.So, if you opt to home school your kids, make sure to schedule in time each day for yourself.

    A Lot of Pressure. Because everyone has their own unique style to home schooling, you may end up finding yourself comparing your techniques with those of other parents. This can put a lot of pressure on you to up the anti, so to speak.

    They Just Don't Listen. Parents who do not have regular control over their kids, may feel overwhelmed with the decision to home school. In these situations, you will just run yourself ragged running after the kids, preparing lessons, cleaning the house, and maybe even running that home business. Make sure that you have control over your children's behaviors before you decide to home school.

Core Maths 1-2-3-4 Tuitions in Dubai

Tuitions in Dubai : IB Math & Physics (HL & SL levels), GCSE, IGCSE ; CIE & Edexcel (Math, Physics, Accounting, IT, Business Studies, English, Biology, Chemistry); A levels CIE & edexcel: Maths (C1,C2, C3, C4, M1, M2), PI PII, A level Physics, A level Accounting, Economics, SAT Maths & English, AP calculus/Physics.

Tutoring / Lessons are conducted in Dubai Knowledge Village under the license "Gore'sTutoring FZ LLC"  ; for more information please call 050 90 21 727 /050 214 9099 ; email: DUBAITUTORS at GMAIL.COM also offers professional courses in Information technology (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft office), Webdesigning (Front page, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash), Microsoft Access.Specialized English courses by Native Speakers and French & Spanish Language.

Dubai Tutoring Links: ; call 0509021727 / 050214 9099 

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Home Schooling / Private Schooling in Dubai

Homeschooling in dubai or Private schooling in Dubai (also called Private registration) is the education of high school students at home / private place /tutoring center, typically by parents / tutors rather than in other formal settings of formal public or private school. Dubai Tuitions ( offers complete tutoring package for private registration candidates appearing for their A level and IGCSE exams in Dubai from thr British Council

The British council allows private/ home school students to register through the Edexcel curriculum. The Students in Dubai can complete their high school with edexcel (British Council) at a much faster pace and at very low fees. helps students / parents to find the best Homeschooling / private schooling options (Curriculum & tutoring options).

We at concentrate on high school exams only (Year 11 to Year 13) which are targetted at GCSE / IGCSE as well as A levels (High School Diploma) has partnered with a few tutoring centers in Dubai knowledge Village to offer high quality
tutoring services for the students.

Tutoring Links in Dubai:; 050 9021 727 / 050 214 9099

We at recommend the following options for students who wish to take the Private School Registration route:

1) For Grade 10 / Year 11: The best option is to go for Edexcel IGCSE curriculum. The British Council allows private candidates to register for the exams.There is a wide range of subject choices and dubai tuitions team can give you very good guidance on how and where to find tutors specializing in these subjects.

2) For Grade 11 & 12 / Year 12 & 13: There are three options available:

a) A Levels: Edexcel Board (UK) offers AS / A level registration for Private candidates.

b) High School Diploma: There are many American High Schools that offer accredited diploma programs. Most of these qualifications are accepted by universities.There are online programs and distance learning options available to the students.

c) GED: This is not a high school diploma but an equivalency test that is offered by College Board.

We have observed that the Edexcel Board (UK) offers a more structured program for the schooling which is widely recognized. The High school Diploma program from US High schools are recognized and accepted by US universities.
  Click for quality tutoring services in Dubai

Advantages of giving exams privately through the EDEXCEL & British Council:

1.      Economical

The schools in UAE that offer British / US Curriculum charge fees anywhere from Dhs 1200—5000 per month. In spite of the high fees, the students still need a lot of personal attention in the form of private tuitions. This means additional expenses for the parents to the tune of Dhs 1000 per month.

Tutoring Lessons will be conducted in Dubai Knowledge Village at "Gore's Tutoring Center" ;

The school fees are spread over three years (Years 9th, 10th and 11th) and in addition to this the exam registration charges with the British Council comes to about Dhs 2000—3000 (for 6 or more subjects). Homeschool / private registration students have to pay very low fees.The IGCSE qualification through
a regular school costs the parents around Dhs 150,000 spread over three years. Compare this with Home/private registration costs which range from Dhs 12000 to Dhs 16000 spread over 6-8 months (includes tuitions & exam registration)

2.    Personal Attention recommends only those training centres where the focus is to deliver quality coaching for every student with emphasis on personal attention. Typically, a classroom has not more than 7 students at a time. This makes it a small group and increases the attention given to the students.In the schools the classroom strength is 20-30 with absolutely no personal attention. The timings are convenient for parents and the children (10 am to 1 PM) unlike schools where the whole day from 7 am to 4 pm is wasted with no additional skill enhancements.

  3.    Learning Environmemt:

The tutoring sessions will be at a licensed tutoring center in Knowledge Village. This provides an ideal learning environment which is intensive in terms of learning content. The tutoring session is more effective than a general classroom teaching session in a regular school. In a span of three hours, a lot of learning takes place in a tutoring session. Tutoring Lessons will be conducted in Dubai Knowledge Village at "Gore's Tutoring Center" ;

 4.   Additional Skills development

Private / Home schooling allows parents to think of educating their children in a specialized manner rather than the ineffective general school syllabus.The parents can easily afford to send their children for extra curricular activities (language learning, sports etc) especially when there are huge savings on the school fees.

*NOTE: The private registration candidates cannot get their certificates attested by the Ministry of Education, UAE. This means they cannot enroll in UAE Govt Universities. Most of the expatriates prefer to send their children to Freezone universities in UAE or abroad. Hence, there will be no issues related to attestation by ministry of education, uae.